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Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch

June 22nd, 2010 by Ann Bradbury
Carl and Ann Bradbury of Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch and Friend

Carl and Ann Bradbury of Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch and Friend

Ann and Carl Bradbury, owners of Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch in Loveland, welcomed their newest baby alpaca (aka cria), to their farm family on May 13th at 10 a.m.  John Giroux, founder of Loveland 365, asked us to call him when the first baby came.  We did and he was here, camera in hand, within 10 minutes of the birth.  Right away he wondered if he could name the new cria and he did.

He thought about it for a moment and said “13 is my lucky number” and because crias are born coming out like Superman, he named him Lucky Clark.

Newborn cria "Lucky Clark" stands on shaky legs

Newborn cria "Lucky Clark" stands on shaky legs

We are grateful that John has taken an interest in our alpacas and especially in our newest cria.

Our ranch was established in 2006 and the first herd of alpacas were purchased and arrived in June of 2007.  Since there was a large barn on the ranch, we knew we had to fill it up and bought 2 horses right away.  We started the alpacas business with a herd of 10 and currently (including the 14 crias born on the ranch, have 26 total)…..we purchased an amazing herd sire (Jubilant) who is the sire to 9 of the 14 crias.  We have a 2nd herd sire named Midnight who has sired a couple of the crias and several of ours have sires from other alpaca ranches in N. Colorado.  We pride ourselves in having all 8 colors and all with beautiful fiber (what this business is all about).  In addition to affording and healthy and less stressful lifestyle, alpacas offer you a unique way to diversify your financial portfolio.  Alpaca livestock are tax deductable and fully insurable.

Newborn cria "Lucky Clark" has his mother's full attention

Newborn cria "Lucky Clark" has his mother's full attention

We love all our alpacas and their fiber.  We have a small farm store where we sell yarn and products made from our alpacas.  Last year we had many visitors to the ranch who loved the experience of meeting the alpacas and then buying products made from them.

Prior to raising alpacas, we published the Colorado Business and Lifestyle Magazine for almost 9 years.  Retiring from publishing and moving to the ranch west of Loveland, we decided to enhance our life by getting into the alpaca business.  The horses are a huge blessing to us as well.  Ann rides (her dream since she was a teenager).

Carl and Ann both encourage everyone to follow their dreams because dreams can come true!

For more information or to schedule a free ranch visit, call 970-669-0043 or visit Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch online.

Written by Ann Bradbury
Photos by John Giroux

Why Loveland 365 works for me

February 23rd, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan

The first time I ever saw the mountains I was still somewhere well east of Greeley.  It had been an interminable drive across a scorching Kansas.  At first I thought I was seeing low clouds.  But mile upon mile westward, the mountains gradually emerged from the hazy horizon.

I can see the mountains even sitting at the traffic light in Loveland, Colorado

The mountains are visible as I sit waiting for the traffic light to change in north Loveland

Wham!  Just like that, I was in love.  In love with the soaring peaks.  In love with the fresh air.  In love with the sparkling expanse of blue sky.

I try never to take all that for granted now, so many years later.  Loveland has been my home, a place where I've met many others like myself, who've made the choice to move here.  To build a life different from what it would have been, had we stayed where we were born.

As one who makes her living writing, why would I be involved in this volunteer project that even has a Facebook fan page?

Nocturne by Barbara Chen in Loveland, Colorado's Benson Sculpture Garden

Nocturne by Barbara Chen seems to point the way to the path in Benson Sculpture Garden

Quite frankly, it feels good to work in concert with others who are glad to live here in Loveland.  It feels good to hear someone say they appreciate the art we have here.  I'm so glad I'm not the only one who drives the "long way" just to pass the Benson Sculpture Garden or stop for a quick walk in Chapungu or even go down 4th Street just to see the temporary outdoor exhibits there. Loveland 365 just feels good for my soul!

This book project, full of interesting people's interviews with lots of photos of the people, places and things I love about Loveland is giving me a hugely healthy dose of positivity.  It works well to combat the economy's ubiquitous negativity.

So I'm in!

~Maryjo Morgan, Freelance Writer

What is Loveland365?

December 9th, 2009 by Frederick Richart

Local resident and businessman John Giroux loves Loveland, and wanted to showcase the things that make it a special place. He decided, with 2010 approaching, that the new year would be a great time to showcase the people, places and things that make The Sweetheart City great. He turned to friends and associates from the community and set about creating Loveland 365, a year-long project to find and share compelling stories and images from Loveland with the world.

The goal of the project is to focus on one thing a day in Loveland – a story, image or interview – and feature it on the Loveland 365 website . Community involvement and contribution are not only encouraged, but are vital to the project. Please send us your thoughts and ideas on what you love about Loveland!

Many local residents might have their own well-known favorites in Loveland, and Loveland 365 also hopes to gather and share information about lesser-known local stories that residents think are important.

The L365 team has been hard at work for several weeks.  This collaborative project's soft launch took place the week of January 18th, with Facebook and Twitter posts.

A kickoff event is planned for Friday, February 12.

Loveland 365 is here

December 4th, 2009 by Frederick Richart

Visit here often to see Loveland 365 news and events.