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Mitch's March against Meth next Saturday

March 25th, 2012 by Maryjo Morgan

John Giroux of Family Mortgage, the "idea" man behind the Loveland 365 project is also a founder of C.L.E.A.R. (Coalition of Loveland for Education, Awareness and Resources), which visits schools and teaches youth about the dangers of meth. Next Saturday 3/31/12, there will be a walk around Lake Loveland in memory of Mitch Gray.

Read full details here in an article in the Reporter Herald. If you think meth doesn't affect us here in Loveland ... think again!

Check out C.L.E.A.R. on Facebook! And mark your calendar to participate in the walk next weekend. You can sign up online here on the Mitch's March Against Meth website.


Loveland 365 books make GREAT Christmas gifts

November 27th, 2011 by Maryjo Morgan

Lynda Nielsen, director of Alternatives to Violence, and Gwen Stephenson, executive director of Loveland Habitat for Humanity. Habitat and Alternatives to Violence are the nonprofits to benefit the most from the Loveland 365 project. Photo courtesy of LOVELAND CONNECTION

Loveland 365 Books are available through:
Alternatives to Violence
(call: 669-5150; closed Fridays)
Habitat for Humanity
(call: 970-669-9769)

John Giroux recently met with Lynda Neilsen of Alternatives to Violence and Gwen Stephenson of Habitat for Humanity to give them the remaining Loveland 365 books. Both organizations are selling the books to directly profit their nonprofits.


An article written by Rebecca Powell in the Loveland Connection, titled "Loveland 365 now can benefit nonprofits after last books delivered."

The book hand-off took pace at Henry's downtown during a "Wednesdays 4 ATV" event sponsored by the Leadership Loveland Class of 2012.

Free Shipping!

July 23rd, 2011 by Maryjo Morgan
Loveland 365 - the book about Loveland, Colorado

The People, Places and Things that Make Loveland America's Sweetheart City


Purchase a book between 9 am Monday July 25th and 6 pm Friday July 29th and we will pick up the postage.

CALL John Giroux (970-962-4061) with the recipient's name and address before 6 pm on Friday 7/29/11 and we will have this one of a kind heirloom book about Loveland delivered to the person or persons of your choice.

Only 50 available during this promotion. Get yours or one for a gift before they are gone.

Loveland 365 heads down the stretch

April 26th, 2011 by John Giroux

With less than 1 week to go before Loveland 365 goes to press, orders are still being taken online at  Over 700 books have been pre-sold to date with only a few remaining to be sold.  Purchase now before supplies run out.

Loveland 365 in the Corn Roast Festival Parade

August 29th, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan
Loveland 365 Pin of logo mark - a heart with lots of components

Loveland 365's logo, Designed by John Metcalf of JM Designs

Thanks to Connie Luke at High Impact Signs
for our awesome sandwich board signs!

Excellent photos by John Giroux of Family Mortgage
graced these sandwich board signs!

Thanks to Classic Designs Embroidery
for our Loveland 365 t-shirts and caps!

Thanks to John Horton at First Impressions
for our Loveland 365 pins!

Thanks to our parade participants - including canines - and the great energy everyone contributed to singing and marching and handing out yummy bubble gum and pins and flyers!

We had a ball being in the parade!  Members of Loveland 365 handed out flyers and buttons with the Loveland 365 logo.  It was fun to have folks call out to us in the parade ... and great to be telling Loveland about our forthcoming book.

Notice the pin we handed out!  It features a HEART made up of many components.  This idea (beautifully executed by designer John Metcalf of JM Designs) personifies what Loveland 365 if all about - the many people places and things that make Loveland so special!

This is what we sang as we walked along ...

2010 Corn Roast Festival Skit – Loveland 365
written by Maryjo Morgan (Sing-Song Marching Chant)

We're Loveland 3-sixty-five,
It's not corn-y to have pride.

We love Love-land, yes we do,
We love Love-land, how about you?

Our book's full of folks you know,
And places that you like to go.

People, places and good things,
Stir our hearts and make us sing.

Sculpture, people … lots of art,
Our ci-ty's a real Sweet-heart!

Proceeds stay right here in town,
With non-profits of re-nown.

Read our blog and see Facebook,
We deserve a second look!

Our book's gonna be so grand
All a-bou-t Love-land.

We're Loveland 3-sixty-five,
It's not corn-y to have pride.

Love-land, Love-land

Parrotheads in Paradise for BGCLC

August 3rd, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan
Parrotheads pose at the Flip-Flop Fun-Raiser sponsored by the Big Thompson Rotary Club to benefit the Bous & Girls Clubs of Larimer County

Parrotheads pose at the Flip-Flop Fun-Raiser sponsored by the Big Thompson Rotary Club to benefit the Bous & Girls Clubs of Larimer County

Loveland's Parrotheads - sponsored by the Big Thompson Rotary Club -   gathered for fun and sun at the Flip-Flop Fun-Raiser last week to raise $ for Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County.  You'll see some familiar faces here on Loveland 365's Facebook Fan Page.  It looks like they brought some of "the islands" to Loveland for this event.  Notice their fine feathered friends in some of the photos - shoulders make good perches!

The Rotary's interest in BGCLC is just one of the reasons Loveland is such a good place to be.  Citizens pitch in to support non-profits and give everyone attending the event a great evening.  Kudos to the Big Thompson Rotary!

Lovelanders Smile in SummerFest! Photos

August 3rd, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan

Loveland 365's booth at SummerFest! drew families, teens, and everyone in between to stop, talk about our project, and smile for the camera.  Volunteer photographers (mostly our fearless leader John Giroux!) took lots of pictures and posted them on Facebook.  Be sure to check it out - and see who you recognize and comment here!

Namaqua Star shines for the 4th!

July 5th, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan
The Namaqua Star, Loveland, Colorado

The Namaqua Star celebrates Independence Day!

Max Moree, a 13-year old Loveland Boy Scout, delivered on his promise to have the Namaqua Star relit in time for the 4th of July last evening.  He will light it again for the fireworks (which were delayed due to weather) TONIGHT, July 5th!

This was the first time - after all these years as a Christmas and winter holiday decoration - that the Namaqua Star shone to celebrate Independence Day!

Max Moree throws the switch and lights the Namaqua Star

Max Moree throws the switch and lights up the Namaqua Star in the hills west of Loveland for the 4th of July

Moree took it upon himself to test/replace the strings of white bulbs that form a star in the Namaqua hills west of Loveland, Colorado.  His pains-taking work shone brightly through last night's torrential downpour.

Way to go, Max!

Photos by John Giroux

Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch

June 22nd, 2010 by Ann Bradbury
Carl and Ann Bradbury of Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch and Friend

Carl and Ann Bradbury of Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch and Friend

Ann and Carl Bradbury, owners of Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch in Loveland, welcomed their newest baby alpaca (aka cria), to their farm family on May 13th at 10 a.m.  John Giroux, founder of Loveland 365, asked us to call him when the first baby came.  We did and he was here, camera in hand, within 10 minutes of the birth.  Right away he wondered if he could name the new cria and he did.

He thought about it for a moment and said “13 is my lucky number” and because crias are born coming out like Superman, he named him Lucky Clark.

Newborn cria "Lucky Clark" stands on shaky legs

Newborn cria "Lucky Clark" stands on shaky legs

We are grateful that John has taken an interest in our alpacas and especially in our newest cria.

Our ranch was established in 2006 and the first herd of alpacas were purchased and arrived in June of 2007.  Since there was a large barn on the ranch, we knew we had to fill it up and bought 2 horses right away.  We started the alpacas business with a herd of 10 and currently (including the 14 crias born on the ranch, have 26 total)…..we purchased an amazing herd sire (Jubilant) who is the sire to 9 of the 14 crias.  We have a 2nd herd sire named Midnight who has sired a couple of the crias and several of ours have sires from other alpaca ranches in N. Colorado.  We pride ourselves in having all 8 colors and all with beautiful fiber (what this business is all about).  In addition to affording and healthy and less stressful lifestyle, alpacas offer you a unique way to diversify your financial portfolio.  Alpaca livestock are tax deductable and fully insurable.

Newborn cria "Lucky Clark" has his mother's full attention

Newborn cria "Lucky Clark" has his mother's full attention

We love all our alpacas and their fiber.  We have a small farm store where we sell yarn and products made from our alpacas.  Last year we had many visitors to the ranch who loved the experience of meeting the alpacas and then buying products made from them.

Prior to raising alpacas, we published the Colorado Business and Lifestyle Magazine for almost 9 years.  Retiring from publishing and moving to the ranch west of Loveland, we decided to enhance our life by getting into the alpaca business.  The horses are a huge blessing to us as well.  Ann rides (her dream since she was a teenager).

Carl and Ann both encourage everyone to follow their dreams because dreams can come true!

For more information or to schedule a free ranch visit, call 970-669-0043 or visit Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch online.

Written by Ann Bradbury
Photos by John Giroux