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Artspace Survey

March 19th, 2010 by Bob McDonnell

Results are in on the Artspace Survey, according to a Reporter-Herald article by Tom Hacker in today's paper.  It looks good for Loveland!

This is another thing I love about Loveland - the community love affair with the arts.  It is exactly this type of support that will bring and keep arts-related industry in town.

~Maryjo Morgan

Devils Backbone

March 15th, 2010 by MjWebWriter

Saturday was a "shirtsleeves" day!  Warm and sunny, many of us headed to the hills to spend time out of doors.  The Devil's Backbone Open Space is one of the most unique in our area.  I happened to run across this video posted on YouTube by Loveland Chamber of Commerce SEO Brian Willims - it shows some of the great vistas you'll enjoy there.

National Geographic ran a story about the Devil's Backbone ages ago, before the area became accessible to all of us as part of Larimer County's Open Space.  Now we are able to hike or ride this trail through one of the most prominent rock outcrops along the Front Range's hogbacks.  Here's a downloadable map, available online through Larimer County Parks.

On their site you'll see a list of hiking trails with short descriptions and a verbal snapshot of the trail like this:

" ... Devil's Backbone Open Space has been in place since 1999. It was updated, with an extensive public process in 2004. The plan accommodates multiple-use recreation such as hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding on the 7-mile trail system. The trailhead at Devil's Backbone features restroom facilities, drinking water, horse-trailer parking and a picnic area."

If you visit soon, be watchful for the trail closure and re-route.  Prairie Falcons and Ravens are nesting this time of year in the "Keyhole" area of the trail; it will open again in June when the raptors have finished nesting.

For a more complete list of hiking trails that are all only a short drive away, visit Larimer County's Parks and Open Areas.  Be certain to click on the "current conditions" links  - springtime in the Rockies is unpredictable.

~Maryjo Morgan