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Ready to be haunted?

October 23rd, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan

Like being scared?

Get scared for $10!

Hearts & Horses annual House was voted one of the best in Colorado last year - they are so good at being spooky!  This weekend and next, be sure to attend this event, have fun, and help a great cause at the same time.  Just look at their poster - yikes!

This is a DO NOT MISS event! The Hearts & Horses house has been investigated by paranormal researchers on four separate occasions, and they have gathered paranormal evidence.

Don't know where Hearts & Horses is located?  Click here for a map.

In case you are not familiar with Hearts & Horses, their mission statement explains their focus:

" ... To promote the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social well-being of people with special needs through equine assisted therapy."

Do you wonder what part horses play in this therapy?  According to their website, Hearts & Horses uses horses because:

" ... The natural gait (movement) of the horse stimulates human walking movement in a manner that cannot be replicated mechanically. While riding, clients must constantly make postural adjustments to maintain their balance, which in turn increases their overall balance, orientation, and body awareness. Other benefits include improved muscle tone, posture, range of motion, flexibility, social skills and emotional well being. In addition, our horses provide a non-judgmental relationship, accepting individuals for who they are regardless of physical, emotional or social abilities."

Honor Society paints Valentine hearts

October 20th, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan

Newly painted hearts!

Thompson Valley High School Honor Society and Thompson Valley Rotary Club share a name ... and some volunteering to help Loveland get ready for Valentine's Day!
The Thompson Valley High School Honor Society volunteered this afternoon to assist the Thompson Valley Rotary Club by painting the hearts which will hang all around Loveland for Valentines Day this coming year.
Thanks to Breanna Dahlin, Courtney Bell, Amanda Richins, Tanner Taylor, Kenzi Phillips, Karsen Bushjost, and TV Teacher Adrienne Marcus.