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Why Loveland 365 works for me

February 23rd, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan

The first time I ever saw the mountains I was still somewhere well east of Greeley.  It had been an interminable drive across a scorching Kansas.  At first I thought I was seeing low clouds.  But mile upon mile westward, the mountains gradually emerged from the hazy horizon.

I can see the mountains even sitting at the traffic light in Loveland, Colorado

The mountains are visible as I sit waiting for the traffic light to change in north Loveland

Wham!  Just like that, I was in love.  In love with the soaring peaks.  In love with the fresh air.  In love with the sparkling expanse of blue sky.

I try never to take all that for granted now, so many years later.  Loveland has been my home, a place where I've met many others like myself, who've made the choice to move here.  To build a life different from what it would have been, had we stayed where we were born.

As one who makes her living writing, why would I be involved in this volunteer project that even has a Facebook fan page?

Nocturne by Barbara Chen in Loveland, Colorado's Benson Sculpture Garden

Nocturne by Barbara Chen seems to point the way to the path in Benson Sculpture Garden

Quite frankly, it feels good to work in concert with others who are glad to live here in Loveland.  It feels good to hear someone say they appreciate the art we have here.  I'm so glad I'm not the only one who drives the "long way" just to pass the Benson Sculpture Garden or stop for a quick walk in Chapungu or even go down 4th Street just to see the temporary outdoor exhibits there. Loveland 365 just feels good for my soul!

This book project, full of interesting people's interviews with lots of photos of the people, places and things I love about Loveland is giving me a hugely healthy dose of positivity.  It works well to combat the economy's ubiquitous negativity.

So I'm in!

~Maryjo Morgan, Freelance Writer