Namaqua Star Shines Brightly

November 29th, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan
Namaqua Star

The Namaqua Star

Thanks to the handiwork of 13-year old Loveland Boy Scout Max Moree the Namaqua Star in the hills west of Loveland celebrates the season in lights.

Moree took it upon himself to test and replace the strings of white bulbs that form a star in the Namaqua hills west of Loveland, Colorado.


Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez and Loveland Boy Scout Max Moree

For the first time ever, the star lit up the Fourth of July sky this past summer.  Loveland is getting plenty of use from Max's handiwork!

Ready to be haunted?

October 23rd, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan

Like being scared?

Get scared for $10!

Hearts & Horses annual House was voted one of the best in Colorado last year - they are so good at being spooky!  This weekend and next, be sure to attend this event, have fun, and help a great cause at the same time.  Just look at their poster - yikes!

This is a DO NOT MISS event! The Hearts & Horses house has been investigated by paranormal researchers on four separate occasions, and they have gathered paranormal evidence.

Don't know where Hearts & Horses is located?  Click here for a map.

In case you are not familiar with Hearts & Horses, their mission statement explains their focus:

" ... To promote the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social well-being of people with special needs through equine assisted therapy."

Do you wonder what part horses play in this therapy?  According to their website, Hearts & Horses uses horses because:

" ... The natural gait (movement) of the horse stimulates human walking movement in a manner that cannot be replicated mechanically. While riding, clients must constantly make postural adjustments to maintain their balance, which in turn increases their overall balance, orientation, and body awareness. Other benefits include improved muscle tone, posture, range of motion, flexibility, social skills and emotional well being. In addition, our horses provide a non-judgmental relationship, accepting individuals for who they are regardless of physical, emotional or social abilities."

Honor Society paints Valentine hearts

October 20th, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan

Newly painted hearts!

Thompson Valley High School Honor Society and Thompson Valley Rotary Club share a name ... and some volunteering to help Loveland get ready for Valentine's Day!
The Thompson Valley High School Honor Society volunteered this afternoon to assist the Thompson Valley Rotary Club by painting the hearts which will hang all around Loveland for Valentines Day this coming year.
Thanks to Breanna Dahlin, Courtney Bell, Amanda Richins, Tanner Taylor, Kenzi Phillips, Karsen Bushjost, and TV Teacher Adrienne Marcus.

Loveland Knows Parking

September 13th, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan
Notice Know Parking

Funny parking sign in Loveland

Originally posted by Bob McDonnell (Bob's Heart Beats), who keeps his finger on the pulse of Loveland!

Funny signs now seem to find me.  I was walking to a meeting in downtown Loveland (DOLO, as I like to call it) and this sign was near where I parked.  I know the parking or perceived lack of it in Loveland is an ongoing topic, so I had to share this with my fellow Lovelanders.

Loveland 365 in the Corn Roast Festival Parade

August 29th, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan
Loveland 365 Pin of logo mark - a heart with lots of components

Loveland 365's logo, Designed by John Metcalf of JM Designs

Thanks to Connie Luke at High Impact Signs
for our awesome sandwich board signs!

Excellent photos by John Giroux of Family Mortgage
graced these sandwich board signs!

Thanks to Classic Designs Embroidery
for our Loveland 365 t-shirts and caps!

Thanks to John Horton at First Impressions
for our Loveland 365 pins!

Thanks to our parade participants - including canines - and the great energy everyone contributed to singing and marching and handing out yummy bubble gum and pins and flyers!

We had a ball being in the parade!  Members of Loveland 365 handed out flyers and buttons with the Loveland 365 logo.  It was fun to have folks call out to us in the parade ... and great to be telling Loveland about our forthcoming book.

Notice the pin we handed out!  It features a HEART made up of many components.  This idea (beautifully executed by designer John Metcalf of JM Designs) personifies what Loveland 365 if all about - the many people places and things that make Loveland so special!

This is what we sang as we walked along ...

2010 Corn Roast Festival Skit – Loveland 365
written by Maryjo Morgan (Sing-Song Marching Chant)

We're Loveland 3-sixty-five,
It's not corn-y to have pride.

We love Love-land, yes we do,
We love Love-land, how about you?

Our book's full of folks you know,
And places that you like to go.

People, places and good things,
Stir our hearts and make us sing.

Sculpture, people … lots of art,
Our ci-ty's a real Sweet-heart!

Proceeds stay right here in town,
With non-profits of re-nown.

Read our blog and see Facebook,
We deserve a second look!

Our book's gonna be so grand
All a-bou-t Love-land.

We're Loveland 3-sixty-five,
It's not corn-y to have pride.

Love-land, Love-land

The Corn Roast Festival Parade is coming this Saturday

August 23rd, 2010 by MjWebWriter

I can't wait!  This Saturday, Loveland 365 is going to march in the Loveland Corn Roast Festival Parade.  Our parade Grand Marshal Mary Gullikson will lead us through downtown. r

Marching with us will be other wWriters, Photographers, Real Estate Agents, Promoters, Book Designers, PR Reps, Graphic Designers, and Citizens interested in the success of our Loveland 365 project. You can see past parade photos HERE, on the Corn Roast Festival Facebook Fan Page.

The Corn Roast Festival itself is a hoot, lots of family fun.  We'll be at the Fairgrounds Park on Railroad.  In case you have not run through the Water Park there, this weekend would be a great opportunity!  There will be food vendors, a beer garden, vendor booths, and plenty of fun stuff for the kids!

Don't miss out on the fun!  The parade starts promptly at 9:30am.

Loveland Veterans Day Parade Gets National Recognition

August 7th, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan
Dept. of Veterans Affairs Certificate 2010

Loveland Receives Recognition from US Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Day in Loveland means listening for the tolling of the bell that makes its reverent tour of town during the chilly early morning hours.  Other celebrations are well attended, and our parade grows each year.

It is a great pleasure to post this letter of recognition from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, which designates Loveland as a Regional Site for the observance of Veterans Day 2010.

Loveland is among a mere 45 cities in the NATION to receive this kind of nod!

Many thanks to Tony DuMosch, Veterans Day Chairman and the many Veterans and Volunteers who make this all happen every year.

DuMosch says, "This is something Loveland can be proud of because of people like you and me make it happen. Thank you for your support as we gear up for this years 2010 Veterans Day and special tribute to the Korean War era Veterans."

Here is a sampling of a typical Veterans Day activities in Loveland:

0400: Bell ringers hit the streets

0600: Posting of Flags of the fallen at Loveland Cemetery

0600: Posting of Colors Downtown Loveland

0600: OPEN FREE to public the Associated Vets Club @ 305 Cleveland Ave. View the military history of local veterans and more

0600-0900: Breakfast @ Vets Club

0700: Table displays & information for the public in Vets Club including Operation Military Kids, American Legion, US Army, US Navy, Freedom Car, and more

1111: Parade starts and ends at Dwayne Webster Veterans Park (Veterans Memorial site)

1200: Afternoon main event with Guest Speakers (In 2009 the speaker was Latoya Lucas, First Female elected Officer within the Military Order of the Purple Heart’s Department of Colorado.)

1300: Lunch served up by Squadron 15 Sons of American Legion

1300: Main hall entertainment with DJ music, Karaoke, & dancing.

So watch the paper for listings of this year's Veterans Day activities.
If you are interested in taking on an opportunity to volunteer this year on November 11th, contact Tony DuMosch.

Tony DuMosch
American Legion Post 15
305 N. Cleveland Ave.
Loveland, CO

Pigeons race home to Loveland

August 6th, 2010 by Ross Livingston

Shumway releases racing pigeons

I’ve always had an affinity for animals that can do amazing things and Homing Pigeons are no exception.

Unlike most of us, Homing Pigeons do not require GPS technology to find their way home. A Homing Pigeon can reach maximum speeds of 75 mph and some of them can fly 300 miles without stopping. Jim Shumway is a resident of Loveland and he has a passion for raising and racing Homing Pigeons. When I interviewed Jim for the Loveland 365 Project I also had the opportunity to meet his parents who inspired him to carry on a family tradition of pigeon racing. Jim’s family has been racing Homing Pigeons for three generations.

The raising and racing of Homing Pigeons is a serious endeavor. Aficionados purchase chicks from top breeders and these birds are used to develop a pedigree that can fly like the wind. A Homing Pigeon is not your average pigeon because they travel great distances at a high rate of speed. Consequently, they require specialized feeds, vitamins and fresh water to maintain optimal health and athletic performance. Jim’s pigeons have a good reason to return home because he built a nice “loft” in his backyard to keep them safe and comfortable. Jim’s owns approximately 75 Homing Pigeons and 16 of these are use for breeding purposes.

Racing pigeons on the wing

When the young birds are old enough to fly, Jim will train them to be “homers” by releasing them at drop points like Lake Loveland. As the birds mature, the distance between the release point and the pigeon loft is increased. e.g. Burlington, Colorado. Homing Pigeons use significant landmarks, sound and the position of the sun to guide their flight path. Some are faster than others and that’s how pigeon racing became a sport. Jim prepares his birds for racing by placing a leg band with a computer chip on one of their legs. Birds are transported in specialized cages to the release point. Start time and GPS information is recorded and the race begins! When the pigeons return to Jim’s loft, they cross a landing board with a built in scanner. The scanner identifies the bird by its leg band and a flight time is recorded.

Parrotheads in Paradise for BGCLC

August 3rd, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan
Parrotheads pose at the Flip-Flop Fun-Raiser sponsored by the Big Thompson Rotary Club to benefit the Bous & Girls Clubs of Larimer County

Parrotheads pose at the Flip-Flop Fun-Raiser sponsored by the Big Thompson Rotary Club to benefit the Bous & Girls Clubs of Larimer County

Loveland's Parrotheads - sponsored by the Big Thompson Rotary Club -   gathered for fun and sun at the Flip-Flop Fun-Raiser last week to raise $ for Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County.  You'll see some familiar faces here on Loveland 365's Facebook Fan Page.  It looks like they brought some of "the islands" to Loveland for this event.  Notice their fine feathered friends in some of the photos - shoulders make good perches!

The Rotary's interest in BGCLC is just one of the reasons Loveland is such a good place to be.  Citizens pitch in to support non-profits and give everyone attending the event a great evening.  Kudos to the Big Thompson Rotary!

Lovelanders Smile in SummerFest! Photos

August 3rd, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan

Loveland 365's booth at SummerFest! drew families, teens, and everyone in between to stop, talk about our project, and smile for the camera.  Volunteer photographers (mostly our fearless leader John Giroux!) took lots of pictures and posted them on Facebook.  Be sure to check it out - and see who you recognize and comment here!