Team Loveland 365 Takes First Place - Lake to Lake Triathalon!

Loveland 365 Team Ross Livingston, Rick Denning, & Jessica Reed-Baum

With a winning time of 2 hrs 25 mins and 15 sec, Loveland 365's Team placed first overall.

Congratulations to the L365 Lake to Lake Triathalon Team!  Starting at Lake Loveland and taking on the uphill to Horsetooth Reservoir, this is an athlete's challenge the Loveland 365 Team tromped.

They took first place in the relay yesterday, beating the nearest competitor by 12 minutes. Be sure to check Loveland 365's on Facebook to see additional photos; this photo was originally posted there.

See the Loveland 365 Team's button-poppin' score listed on the Lake to Lake Triathalon website.  WOW!

Ross Livingtson enthusiastically notes, "Each of us finished first in our respective relay categories.  This was the best day of my summer by far."  He says it was a great race and he made great new friends, thanks to Loveland 365 idea man, John Giroux.

An "Olympic Distance Triathalon" includes a three part relay with these specified distances, each of which is a race unto itself:

Swim: 1.5 K  (.93 miles)
Bike: 30 miles (48.2 miles)
Run: 10K (6.2 miles)

Kudos to the Loveland 365 Team!  Jessica Reed-Baum set the pace swimming, Ross Livingston kept it up cycling, and Rick Denning ran the relay to the finish.  Hats off to each of you for this significant accomplishment.


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